Blue Persian Salt

Blue Persian Salt

It is a natural salt that comes from the millennial salt lake of the province of “Semnan", in the north of Iran. It is a prized salt, formed over 1 million years ago and one of the rarest on the planet.

Its colour is given by the presence of salvite, a raw mineral that has a high content of potassium chloride, which gives rise to crystals of an intense blue colour, with a regenerating effect on the skin.

It is an active detoxifier that can be used to free the skin from toxic compounds that settle between the layers. It has draining and remodelling properties.


  • POTASSIUM which promotes blood circulation. It regulates skin hydration and acts as a pH balancer. It has astringent and osmotic properties against bacterial cells. It counteracts oxidation.
  • MAGNESIUM against oxidative stress and toxins. It traps free radicals and limits the release of inflammation messengers that accelerate skin reactivity and aging. Helps to fight water retention and purify the skin.
  • CALCIUM, it is important for the wellbeing of the skin because it helps to keep it healthy.

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