Professional Firming Activating Lotion


  • 150 ml
  • Contains: Hyaluronic Acid, Esapeptide-10, Tetra Peptide, Kigelia Africana, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba.
  • It Does Not Contain: Parabens, Paraffin, Mineral Oils, Gmo, Sls, Sles, Dea, Formaldehyde Transferors.
  • Nickel Tested.
  • Made in Italy.


An intense firming and remodelling treatment for buttocks, thighs, hips, stomach, breasts and arms. The exclusive formula of sculpt complex contains: • hyaluronic acid with an elasticising effect; • precious peptides that reinforce the derma-epidermis connection, making the skin more resistant and compact; • integral plant extracts of african kigelia, ginseng and gingko biloba with their reviving and toning action.

USE: after a cleansing with the SMOOTHING SCRUB, apply the lotion directly onto the zones being treated and massage until it is completely absorbed. Continue treatment with the PRO- FESSIONAL FIRMING AND MODELLING CREAM and then the PROFESSIONAL TONING MUD MASK.