Platìnium Pro-Age

Colloidal Platinum is an extremely rare resource in nature, arriving on earth from a distant star, through a shower of meteorites. The noble metal of “royalty", as it was dubbed by the kings of antiquity. A precious dust that crystallises in the form of granules, flakes or crystals with scintillating shades of steel-grey with white glittering effects. The name is derived from the Spanish word (little silver, due to its resemblance to that metal) and it was found for the first time in distant and unspoilt Colombia. COLLOIDAL PLATINUM, ALLY OF THE SKIN: A real hidden treasure that enhances the beauty and uniqueness of every woman. Colloidal platinum has absolutely unique and exceptional cosmetic properties. It maintains an optimum level of moisturising, combatting the loss of extracellular water, a characteristic of skins that are no longer young. It increases the capacity for absorbing vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It strengthens the natural capacity for defence against environmental stress and the resistance of the skin to ageing. It stimulates cell renewal against free radicals, preventing wrinkles and signs of time.