• 1 GLYCOLIC ACID is the smallest among the alpha-hydroxy-acids. It originates from natural sources like fruit, beetroot and cane sugar. It eliminates dead skin layers that build up on the skin, stimulating accelerated cellular renewal.

  • 2 PYRUVIC ACID is an alpha-keto-acid of three atoms of carbon, found in nature in honey, vinegar, fermented fruit and apples. It aids the rapid elimination of pigmented corneocyte tissues, leaving skin lighter and more luminous.

  • 3 SALICYLIC ACID is a beta-hydroxy-acid derived from enzymatic hydrolysis of salicin, salicin glucoside extracted from Salix alba (willow bark). It helps exfoliate the surface skin layers, eliminating blocked pores and blackheads.

  • 4 LACTIC ACID is an organic acid in the alpha-hydroxy-acid group, derived from fermented milk, blueberries and pineapple. It has exfoliating and moisturising properties. It improves cellular renewal and regulates the hydrolipidic balance in the skin.

  • 5 MANDELIC ACID belongs to the alpha-hydroxy acid group, taken from bitter almonds. It improves skin compactness, thanks to the exfoliating and pigment removal properties.

  • 6 CITRIC ACID derived from citrus fruits, especially lemons. Aids skin exfoliation.

  • 7 THIOCTIC ACID found in abundance in potatoes, broccoli and spinach. Helps smooth out deep wrinkles and expression lines.

  • 8 POTASSIUM AZELOYL DIGLYCINATE is a dicarboxylic acid naturally produced in certain fungi. It lightens skin dyschromia (blocks the tyrosinase enzyme) and is antibacterial (combats acne).

  • 9 SODIUM HYALURONATE a natural polysaccharide. Is moisturising and film-forming. It restores the moisture balance in the skin, for long-lasting moisture reserve for the tissues.

  • 10 KOJIC ACID produced by the metabolism of Aspergillum fungi. It acts as a pigment remover and uniforms the colour.

  • 11 SODIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE (vitamin C) found in all citrus fruits, broccoli, papaya, kiwi, cauliflower, capsicums and tomatoes. It has lightening and anti-oxidant properties, stimulating collagen synthesis.

  • 12 ALPHA-ARBUTIN is a natural active substance found in bearberry leaves. Blocks tyrosinase activity, and therefore the production of melanin, visibly leaving skin more compact.

  • 13 MALIC ACID derived from apples and strawberries. Reduces the adhesion between corneocytes and leaves the horny stratum finer, rapidly eliminating pigmented corneocytes, leaving the skin lighter and more luminous. Applied to acne affected skin, it helps unblock the pores aiding the emptying of cysts and microcysts.

  • 14 GLYCYRRHETINIC ACID a pentacyclic triterpene acid, taken from the liquorice plant. Sooths inflamed and reddened skin, affected by atopic and seborrheic dermatitis and irritations generally.

  • 15 POLYALPHAHYDROXY ACID is a poly-hydroxy acid formed of a lactonic ring which, due to hydrolytic action releases gluconic acid. It is obtained from cellulose polymer hydrolysis. It modulates keratinisation and accelerates cellular turnover. It has antioxidant properties and is moisturising and softening.

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