Colloidal Platinium

Colloidal Platinium

Colloidal Platinum is an extremely rare natural resource, that reached earth from a very distant star during a meteorite rainstorm.

The noble “regal” metal, as the ancient kings used to call it. A precious dust that crystallises into granules, slivers or crystals with sparkling shades of steel-grey and white specks.

The name comes from the Spanish “plata” (small silver, because it looks so like silver) and it was first found in the distant, uncontaminated country of Colombia. A real hidden treasure that enhances the beauty and uniqueness of any woman. Colloidal platinum has unique and exceptional cosmetic properties. It maintains the right moisture level, fighting loss of fluids from the cells, which is typical in more mature skins.

It increases the capacity to absorb vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It boosts the natural defences against environmental stress and skin’s ability to fight ageing. It simulates cellular renewal against free radicals, preventing wrinkles and signs of time.

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Platìnium Pro-Age