Professional Ultra-Draining Bandages


  • Box 30 bandages
  • Contains: Pink Crystal Salt from the Himalayas, Organic Honey, Essential Oils of Eucalyptus and Menthol, Caffeine, Extracts of Horse Chestnut, Pineapple and Centella Asiatica.
  • It Does Not Contain: Parabens, Paraffin, Mineral Oils, Gmo, Sls, Sles, Dea, Formaldehyde Transferors.
  • Nickel Tested.
  • Made in Italy.


A cold bandage with an intense action against water retention. Its exclusive formula combines:

  • Pink crystal salt from the Himalayas, the only salt rich in 84 ultra-pure trace elements that reactivate skin micro-circulation, helping to eliminate the toxins and revive the skin.
  • Organic honey from the Dolomites, rich in sugars, mineral salts, polyphenol and flavonoids, which improve skin elasticity and moisture.
  • Essential oils of eucalyptus and menthol, detoxifying, oxygenating and refreshing.

USE: delicately wrap the bandage around the first leg, beginning from the ankle up to the thigh. Repeat with the other leg, always beginning from the ankle and working upwards. The bandages must not create pressure, but must be wrapped gently to enable the blood to circulate freely. Leave for 15 minutes.