Heavy and Swollen Legs Cold Gel


  • 150 ml
  • Contains: Dulse Extract, Nori Extract, Essential Oils of Eucalyptus, Mint and Lavender.
  • It Does Not Contain: Parabens, Paraffin, Mineral Oils, Gmo, Sls, Sles, Dea, Formaldehyde Transferors.
  • Nickel Tested.
  • Made in Italy.
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A gel with an immediate refreshing-revitalising effect, ideal against the sensation of swelling and heaviness in your legs. The exclusive complex based on extracts of dulse, nori and essential balsamic oils of eucalyptus, mint and lavender, gives a cooling and long-lasting sensation of relief, wellbeing and lightness, helping to stimulate microcirculation and restore tone and energy.

USE: apply once or twice a day with the legs rested, and massa-ge with circular movements from the bottom working up. Do not apply all over the body, only the zones that need treating.