• Box 4 phials 3 ml
  • Contains: Pure Vitamins F+C+B3, Argan Oil, Magnesium, Potassium.
  • It Does Not Contain: Parabens, Paraffin, Mineral Oils, Gmo, Sls, Sles, Dea, Formaldehyde Transferors.
  • Nickel Tested.
  • Made in Italy.


PURE MULTIVITAMIN CONCENTRATE WITH TRIPLE ACTION, BRIGHTNING, ANTI-STAIN, MOISTURISING, for mature, dehydrated and dull skins, with an uneven texture.

Vitamin F with high concentration: prevents dryness, peeling and fragility of the skin. It deeply nourishes and stimulates a rapid regeneration, reactivating the skin’s natural hydration processes. Visibly improves elasticity and firmness.
Vitamin C with high concentration, able to combat oxidation processes and revitalise tissues. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen, making the skin more compact. It also has lightening properties against the stains caused by age, sunlight and skin blemishes.
Magnesium and potassium against oxidative stress.
Organic argan oil that restructures and protects the skin from external aggression.

RESULT: an immediate feeling of comfort and relaxation. Wonderfully silky, soft skin. A more even colouring and a radiant face.

Use: apply on the face, neck and décolleté and massage until completely absorbed.